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Are you living in Melen or planning to travel Melen for holiday, conference, business meeting etc and would like to escape the pollution, hustle and bustle of Melen, Turkey, joining an activity which gives you real nature, fun and adventure ? Than a river rafting trip is just for you !  Turkey has many unique places that are ideal for rafting, including various small districts, mountain villages and plateaus. If you want to see the beautiful Turkish countryside while enjoying an exhilarating rafting journey, then this tour is perfect for you. A great way to escape from the big city for a day or weekend, and an ideal tour for people of all ages. The Melen Rafting Tour is an exhilarating 2 hours rafting journey, which takes in some of Turkey's most beautiful natural scenery. We are offering a perfect daily rafting tour programme. Book now your Melen rafting tour ticket online !

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01 Rafting

Melen Rafting Turkey

A great activity with fully adventure, nature and fun in Melen, Turkey. Book now your tour ticket online!


02 Camping

Melen Camping Turkey

Are you dreaming to sleep in a green nature and get relax ? We make your dream come true in Melen, Turkey


03 Trekking

Melen Trekking Turkey

Are you looking for a quite place to escape from city, walk and to be inside nature in Melen?


Daily Rafting Trips From Melen - Turkey

Daily Rafting Trips From Melen - TurkeyWe are offering a perfect daily rafting tour programme. If you are bored of daily routine of city here is the option to have a fresh, healty and joyfull time with a daily rafting trip from Melen, Turkey. Our Melen daily rafting tour programme is specially containing all needfull equipments, open buffet breakfast, transportation from / to Melen, open buffet late lunch, drinks services and a good mood.

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Geographical map of Melen - Turkey and the surrounding area

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